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Steampunk Soap!

Zounds! We're Mad As Hops over LB Equipment's Special Mechanique Bar! It's the Perfect cleansing system for the evil genius, 19th century super-villain, contraptor, revolveress, eccentric inventor, door-knocker, time traveler, anachronaut, minion, balloonist, double-breasted water-butt smasher and anyone else that appreciates the timelessly wonder of brass and the retched stench of scorched grease and engine oil. Be prepared for anything ~ your next harrowing Adventure'll be beer and skittles with LB Equipment's amazing new Steampunk Soap! 
This Scientificly Afternoonified treat for your daddles is bang up to the elephant with old, broken gears - so you know it Works! It cleanses, invigorates, and tones the muscles. Cures acne, eczema, &c.- in fact, all discolourations and eruptions. It expels all impurities from the surface, allays every tendency to inflammation, and thus effectually dissipates all redness, tan, pimples, spots, freckles, discolorations, and other cutaneous visitations and vibrations! Nothing is better for the morbs than this astonishing bar!

What's more, this amazing soap is also the perfect and ideal companion for any fine LB product, especially 
LB premium beard oil. The bar is Specifically Formulated, when used daily, to yield a superior beard both with or without goggles! Is anything better to treat your gigglemug? Damfino!

We're positively e
nthuzimuzzy over LB Equipment's Steampunk Soap! Order yours right now! Dash my wig, this Genuine Article won't last a fortnight!

(May also work well for many Whovians!) 

Ingredients:  Soap, broken watch parts.  

$8 per 5oz Bar  

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